New Blog is New; Lower Calories

You may have noticed a small change on the blog.

The name, of course :p

And the headline.

The blog suffered a little redesign because I have taken over as sole blogger. It’s pretty exciting stuff, I think. Maybe. Hopefully.

Or it may end up with me adding as many people as possible again. We’ll see.

I get to go wedding shopping today! And I might be able to buy a 14. You know why? My size 16 jeans are freakishly huge as my weight continues to plummet to the super low 195. Granted that’s not actually super low. But it’s lower than 216. So…WOOT! #GoDru!

What do you think of the new theme?



4 thoughts on “New Blog is New; Lower Calories

    • Thank you :)

      It still didn’t help much when I was looking for clothes for my cousin’s wedding ( Size 16 is still fat, apparently :/ ) but I do feel hotter.

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