I don’t know how I feel about the fact that the most searched for term on my blog is “Sean Connery in a Speedo”

Duct tape is a bad idea. Unless it’s sticky side out. Then it’s still a bad idea.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow


Laundry should always be done on a weekend. You don’t have to go to work with a hangover the next day that way.

Politics never go away. They are particularly and shockingly evident in food services.

It is worth having your skin ripped off for three blurry memories if they are: Duct tape wings floating behind you in the bath water, him saying that he really loves you in that tone of voice that suggests he’s let all his walls down and a whispered “I trust you, too.”

Twitter is not necessary, facebook is evil.

Email is a good thing.

Buying new videos makes movie nights much easier.

Happy Gilmore ends with him getting a mustard colored jacket and was totally worth the four year wait.

Anime…isn’t actually that bad.

Hematite is pretty.

Flash drives are amazing.

Organizing the Asteroid is a good, good thing.

I should vlog more.

Purple fades really quickly :/

He looks so stunningly beautiful in the morning with the golden sun in his hair that it literally takes my breath away.

You can make chai lattes in a gravy maker.

Frothed milk is the best thing ever.

I’m a size 14. I’ll be a size 12 by Valentine’s Day.

He would look good with an industrial. I hate industrials.

Scottish Shortbread is made of 1 part Butter, 1 part sugar and 2-3 parts flour.

I can do hard things. Like winning.

Duct tape should be locked away in gun safes :(

The Dresden Dolls are freaking amazing.

Drunk chores are better than any other kind of chore.

Bigger cups are better for lattes!

MiniGore is the best phone game ever.

A fun drinking game = However many washers it takes to do all your laundry = what die you have to roll. The number you roll = how many shots/seconds of chugging you have to take.

Phrennie may not be the greatest cat in the world, but she is damn close.



8 thoughts on “Reflections

    • :) I will take that into consideration.

      I just finished catching up on your blog – those are some freaking adorable pictures of your lovelies.

      And…I missed you guys, what can I say. <3

  1. Remember me? Man I either come every day to something, or go once, then months later come again for awhile. lol
    Likely wont come back to this comment later cuz I’ll forget -.- lol

  2. Hi Dru, long time no see you, specially on twitter. Good to read from you again, have a wonderful christmas,full of happiness and nothing but good things. xxx

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