Things I Should Do – At Some Point

I need to get used to not signing my name anymore. Woot woot for the freedom of an individual blog.

Also for not being able to spell words like individual.

And for chilling in the background of the room. Everyone is all “Chatter, chatter. Computers. Chatter.” and I’m like “La la la! MUSIC! *danceydancey*” There is nothing so excellent. Plus it’s Weezer ^_^

Also, he totally passed me a jolly rancher from his mouth. Which I thinks is hot. Even if some people are all “Eww, germs!”

industrial - diligent: possessing a persevering determination to perform a task

Tehe, I told you he’d look good with an industrial ^_^

Thing I should do: Learn to blog lineally.

As much as I adore Job Mark II and getting lots of extra money, I’m not hating the Christmas break. I like being able to laze around on a Saturday wrapped up in a comforter and a sleeping bag playing MiniGore ( the best iPhone game EVAR ) and being generally unproductive. It’s a good feeling. It feels like a holiday. ( I will be glad to get back to my normally scheduled programming though. )

So, that’s that. He got new stuff for his ear, I got to hang out with someone that I was in elementary school with and we had a good weekend.

I like listening to them talk. It’s amusing.


( Er…I mean… ___________ [ <- Empty space where name would be. ] )

PS Since I don't have social media, if you want someone to read something I wrote ( or look at my pretty pictures ) you should probably either tweet a link or send it to them or post it on facebook or something. If you want. Just saying.

PPS I'm evanafter on the game center. You should add me :D


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