When I rule the world: People Will Die.

Particularly those people that ( yes! I’m referring to them as objects. Know why? I HATE THEM ) think it is a good idea for everything to be in different formats and no one program to support those formats. Specifically, whoever thought it was funny to make Premiere Pro ( a video-editing software that costs somewhere between ones first-born child and ones soul ) export video in .MP4 but not import video in .MP4.

Until further notice? Useless.

Or, perhaps, I can just assign the blame – gratelessly – to the exboyfriend who bought me a flip that records in .MP4 making it impossible for me to vlog.

Which I was totally going to do yesterday. It wasn’t going to be magnificent, or glorious ( oxford comma! guess who I just put on my iphone? Ooh…I have an iPhone. *snuggle* ) but it was going to be a vlog.


Happily, I have identified what I believe to be both a work around and a solution and it is beautiful.

So maybe you’ll see me and my spiffy new hair sometime in the future.


If I don’t blow up the internet first.

[ Footnote: My new hobby: Looking at pictures of myself and saying “Zowwie! I look so much hotter now” ]


How Chai Tea Took Over The World ( Or: How I Became A Winner )

“I’m just glad you’re alive, I was getting genuinely worried ( as was Lu, I must add. )”

It’s okay world! I’m not dead! In fact, to prove my not dead-ed-ness, I have included a picture of me smiling ( so you know I’m happy. )

Whoa, oh, oh, I'm still alive!

Aw! Look at me! I look so happy!

[ Note from the future: This was going to be the big reveal of my new hair. Hence the picture. You’ll have to bear with me through the duplicated nature of some of them. ]

I saw The Social Network a while ago and I just about died. It was definitely a creepy movie ( I did not just try to spell movie “movy,” why do you ask? ) because it made me realize how quickly facebook took over the world. We’re talking the kind of quick that is usually associated with deadly, pandemic-instigating, zombie-making virus. My powerful aversion to zombies aside, the next time I logged on to facebook I saw this big Mountain Dew ad which gave me a queasy feeling because there is actually a quote that goes something like “Oh, we won’t have advertisers like mountain dew” in the movie. When I got home I was like “I think I’m going to delete my facebook.” Coll was all in support of this.

Then I said that I thought I might delete my twitter.

Coll stopped dead in his tracks and asked me if I was feeling alright. I was. And I toyed with the idea a little more. At first I just locked myself out of my facebook/twitter. Then I recovered my password and deactivated my facebook ( only because the delete option is not readily available. Seriously, I had to google it. ) Then, after extensive research – that is, I googled it and it happened to be the first link that I clicked – I discovered how to delete a facebook account. ( Details at the end of this post. )

Twitter didn’t die until a few days later. Coll and I were still recovering from a funk that we were in and were soon to suffer the near-apocalyptical argument of Somewhere-Between-September-And-Halloween ( funnily enough, that argument was largely fueled by facebook; a contributing factor to my decision to leave. ) and we were talking about how the internet can lay bare pretty much all our secrets which can either be used as a tool for good or a tool for evil. Somewhere in that conversation, which also included me explaining baseball to him in the context of sex – “So you’ve got kissing right? Let’s pretend that’s first base…” – I tweeted my last tweet. It was fated to never reach my account which is kind of depressing considering how tragically romantic it was, but probably a good thing, retrospectively. I wouldn’t want to stir the pot ;D

That was October 27th.

Today I stand – er, sit – before you as a facebook-free, twitter-liberated individual. My facebook account no longer exists. When I try to log in it says “This email address is not associated with any facebook account” which makes my day instantly better.

I didn’t mean to be so silent on the blog. But four days after I quit twitter, I started something much more magical. NaNoWriMo.

Is it not lovely? Aye, it is very lovely.

And two days after that I was to discover a beverage that would change my life.

Approximately 30 days later, there would be a group of us sitting on Europa ( one of Jupiter’s moons ) and every single one of the four who did not have to be in bed shortly would order that same beverage.

That beverage is a Chai Tea Latte with cinnamon.

I didn't know a beverage could change my life

Somewhere around the middle of November, while Stance was struggling with the loss of a lover that she wasn’t supposed to have in the first place and barely disguised characters from my life battled against the great unknown with her to win a chance to advance to the next level of a video gaming tournament, things became okay with Coll and I. He forgave me. I forgave him. We got happy again.

Then he went to Boise, one of Stance’s friends was found dead and maimed in a ditch and I won.

I won a lot of things in November.

Most notably I won a competition with myself proving that I could do hard things like write 50,000 words in thirty days. But that is probably one of the least amazing prizes that I got.

I won some self-confidence.

I won a beverage that warms my soul and goes wonderfully after yoga.

I won an appreciation for the coffee shops of denton and their varied flavours of tea.

I won a real, live, non-coin-operated boy.

I won a family. More impressively, my family.

Om nom nom

This is my aunt's cat, Panda. He is adorable. Also: He will eat your soul.

After actual Thanksgiving, which was wildly improved at the insistence of one of my friend’s entire family ( and that’s saying something. There is like two-dozen of them. ) that I “get my butt over there” in choral beauty, we had our family Thanksgiving. And I felt like I had real family. For the first time in my life, I actually feel close to my aunts and uncles and cousins. They are kind and silly and friendly. They like cats and they poke fun and they compliment my ever-shrinking waist-line. They approve of Collin without making embarrassing suggestions about things they’d like to do to him and without attempting to fondle him in any way whatsoever.

The best part is: They love me.

Or they seem to, at least. And it would be a pretty masterful illusion if it were false.

It’s funny how life can be so hard just to turn out so nice.

And so, I have heart.

I’m back.

And I’m not alone.

I can do hard things – like write and work and live – by myself, but I don’t have to. Because there are people that love me. And people I love.

And so, I present the new and improved me:

We can do this, World. We can survive.

More than that?

We can live.

Hi, I’m Dru

You might not know me, I sort of died on the internet a few months ago.

And even if you did know me, you probably wouldn’t recognize me anymore.

I used to look sort of like this:

Hi, I'm Dru

And I used to have a lot of “issues.”

I don’t have parents – more correctly, I do but we don’t speak – and I live on an asteroid. I spent quite a lot of my time unhappy and unfulfilled. I often felt worth-/useless.

Now I look sort of like this:

You wish your hair did that

And feel good about myself. ( Probably because my hair has reached new heights of epicosity. )

I had a pretty bad year last year, right up to the part where I got kicked off earth and planted on Asteroid B612 ( no idea what I’m talking about? Click here ). Things started looking up after that. In November, things pretty much exploded into awesome. I wrote about this in a rather lengthy blog entitled “How Chai Tea took over the world“, but I never finished that blog. That happens rather a lot. I’ll probably finish it now.

After all the wonderfulness of November – including, but not limited to, Chai Tea, NaNoWriMo, “I love you” and purple hair – my life took a definite upswing. Not to be outdone, December offered a new Xbox 360 and a handheld milk frothing thing that delivers homemade lattes of quality sufficient to rival all of Denton’s eclectic coffee houses.

I have a boyfriend who vaguely resembles a reindeer. ( We’re not furries! We just like Ein )

Hi, I'm Collin.

And a cat who is made entirely out of cute. ( Rather like the nerdfighter-awesome equation. No bones. No blood. Just cute. )

( In Michael's Voice: ) Human! Pick me up!

Additionally, I have too little space between pictures. YAY!

There is a point to this blog, and it’s coming up. Stay tuned.

I work in the world, used to be a ninja ( I got laid-off ( tehe, I got laid ) ).

I have six piercings ( pictures to come ).

And I am genuinely happy with who and how I am.

Also, my hair used to be purple. Now it’s just blonde.

I am a blonde.

Tehe ;D

The point: ( I did promise! ) I will attempt to blog more. Also, happy new year.


I don’t have to sign anymore!

We’ll see how long that holds.