Hi, I’m Dru

You might not know me, I sort of died on the internet a few months ago.

And even if you did know me, you probably wouldn’t recognize me anymore.

I used to look sort of like this:

Hi, I'm Dru

And I used to have a lot of “issues.”

I don’t have parents – more correctly, I do but we don’t speak – and I live on an asteroid. I spent quite a lot of my time unhappy and unfulfilled. I often felt worth-/useless.

Now I look sort of like this:

You wish your hair did that

And feel good about myself. ( Probably because my hair has reached new heights of epicosity. )

I had a pretty bad year last year, right up to the part where I got kicked off earth and planted on Asteroid B612 ( no idea what I’m talking about? Click here ). Things started looking up after that. In November, things pretty much exploded into awesome. I wrote about this in a rather lengthy blog entitled “How Chai Tea took over the world“, but I never finished that blog. That happens rather a lot. I’ll probably finish it now.

After all the wonderfulness of November – including, but not limited to, Chai Tea, NaNoWriMo, “I love you” and purple hair – my life took a definite upswing. Not to be outdone, December offered a new Xbox 360 and a handheld milk frothing thing that delivers homemade lattes of quality sufficient to rival all of Denton’s eclectic coffee houses.

I have a boyfriend who vaguely resembles a reindeer. ( We’re not furries! We just like Ein )

Hi, I'm Collin.

And a cat who is made entirely out of cute. ( Rather like the nerdfighter-awesome equation. No bones. No blood. Just cute. )

( In Michael's Voice: ) Human! Pick me up!

Additionally, I have too little space between pictures. YAY!

There is a point to this blog, and it’s coming up. Stay tuned.

I work in the world, used to be a ninja ( I got laid-off ( tehe, I got laid ) ).

I have six piercings ( pictures to come ).

And I am genuinely happy with who and how I am.

Also, my hair used to be purple. Now it’s just blonde.

I am a blonde.

Tehe ;D

The point: ( I did promise! ) I will attempt to blog more. Also, happy new year.


I don’t have to sign anymore!

We’ll see how long that holds.


9 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Dru

  1. Hey. :) Glad to see you’re doing well and all that. By the way, your boyfriend is rather hot. Even with the reindeer antlers. ;) The new hair looks awesome. :D

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