When I rule the world: People Will Die.

Particularly those people that ( yes! I’m referring to them as objects. Know why? I HATE THEM ) think it is a good idea for everything to be in different formats and no one program to support those formats. Specifically, whoever thought it was funny to make Premiere Pro ( a video-editing software that costs somewhere between ones first-born child and ones soul ) export video in .MP4 but not import video in .MP4.

Until further notice? Useless.

Or, perhaps, I can just assign the blame – gratelessly – to the exboyfriend who bought me a flip that records in .MP4 making it impossible for me to vlog.

Which I was totally going to do yesterday. It wasn’t going to be magnificent, or glorious ( oxford comma! guess who I just put on my iphone? Ooh…I have an iPhone. *snuggle* ) but it was going to be a vlog.


Happily, I have identified what I believe to be both a work around and a solution and it is beautiful.

So maybe you’ll see me and my spiffy new hair sometime in the future.


If I don’t blow up the internet first.

[ Footnote: My new hobby: Looking at pictures of myself and saying “Zowwie! I look so much hotter now” ]


2 thoughts on “When I rule the world: People Will Die.

    • Lol, it makes me unreasonably happy to be the voice in people’s head ^^

      It definitely sucks, but I do think I’ve come up with a solution. We’ll see…

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