Waking Up is Good

After about 18 years of doing nothing internet-y I have done the unthinkable: Posted a vlog.

You will all be thrilled I’m sure to know that I’m going to start vlogging with some sort of regularity in March. Very good news indeed.

In the meantime, enjoy this little teaser where I completely fail to tie a knot in a cherry stem, and have a good evening <3

( PS If you like it, please share it? I'm back on twitter now but I still don't have a facebook. If you think it's cute, go ahead and show your friends ^^ /shamelessselfpromotion )


8 thoughts on “Waking Up is Good

    • ^_^ lol, yeah…

      I miss you, too! Though I do believe I have your voice around here somewhere.

      Don’t worry, there will be new vlogs ( with lots of me talking :p ) soon.

      For now: I must trudge out into the snow ( of which there are six inches on the ground ) and change my laundry around. *sigh*

      • You probably do, haha. XD

        Ooo snow. We only have rain.

        Though it’s half two in the morning and I should be sleeping, but people were having really loud sex upstairs. Again.

        Good luck with your laundry! :D xx

    • I am so sorry! I thought that was just a general DnD thing, I didn’t realize it was you specific :(

      Thank you and here is your credit: ______

      Dr Horrible is horribly cute :)

      ( Fun note, I also stole your “Questions? Comments? Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth?” thing. I love that. )

  1. Also, well done. Unlike my last post, which makes the English Nazi in me want to scream in terror, your video has a lot of really professional qualities in it; I especially enjoyed the musical segue from the live Weezer to the background song that set the tone for the rest of the piece.

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