Sleep – A Scale

A while ago – back when I had an ambiguously defined female friend – I came up with this mostly arbitrary scale where -12% is uncomfortably awake as when taking a five hour energy shot. Jitters set in around -11%. For the positive side of the scale, anything from 0% – 50% is awake. 55% is the point when bed starts to sound like a good idea. 75% is when txts come out all jumbled. 90% is that weird layer between sleep and the waking world where one feels like one is floating. 100% is asleep. ~115% is REM sleep and >135% is a coma.

That’s pretty much it. I thought it was useful. I hope you find it so.

[ From May 01, 2011 @ 23:08 – My gosh, I have over 70 drafts. See? I’m thinking of you even when I don’t actually post anything. ]


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