Fury [ due to lack ] of Blows

It took me three days to come up with that title and I bet you no one gets it. >.<

I like kissing people. A lot. A whole lotly a lot.

I also really like going on dates and generally soaking up the heat of quick-burn romances. The pull two people feel when they don’t know anything about each other; when they remain ideas rather than real and intricate individuals. I love those sorts of relationships.

But one cannot live ones entire life as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. At least, not very successfully.

So, with Matt’s help I decided to go on a 2.5 month bout of complete celibacy. This includes kissing and holding hands and dates and romantic thoughts. The idea is that I can channel that energy and use it to focus on becoming the Dru that I want to be. The Dru that I am happy being. Also that I concentrate on university ( to which I got accepted, by the way ), and my vlog, and settling my apartment.


It marks my shame and failure. Also where I ran into the wall of the pool with mah face.

So far…so far I am failing pretty thoroughly. I’ve gone on two dates, drunkenly snogged, held hands, and generally been a naughty, naughty, non-monky girl. ( Haha, monk-like sounds like a primate. :p )

The plan is to realign myself starting tomorrow – it’s always tomorrow, isn’t it? – because I really feel like I’m on the verge of growing. I’m going to be the collegiate vlogger with a really cool, tidy apartment who always does her homework and works on her bucket list at the weekend. That’s the girl I want to be. Solid and concrete. Not an evanescent construct who skates through their dreams at night.

I also want to never go swimming after margaritas ever again. My forehead hurts :(


6 thoughts on “Fury [ due to lack ] of Blows

  1. Hmm…. If it’s what I think it is: you’re referring to the Monk ability Flurry of Blows. Awesome title.

    Glad to see the new you is still forthcoming- One day, you’ll be the you you want to be, and what will I have to look forward to then?


    Check out my new project: stillofftopic.hostei.com

    • :D Glad someone got it. And that you liked the title.

      I will be checking that out as soon as I’m not breaking my own rules by making out with this Asian kid right here.


  2. I have potentially disturbing news for you…

    I am…old. There is nothing either solid or concrete about me.

    I watch Disney movies and cry. All of my friends live in my computer. I dream of having a lunch date. And, as a long term celibate-by-something-other-than-choice person, I can tell you that celibacy is TOTALLY overrated.

    Oh sure, I have a job and am allegedly a responsible adult, but as long as I share my space with another person, my apartment will never be “tidy”. Nothing about me will ever be “tidy”.

    So, while I wish you all the best on your vision quest, if you decide to embrace and become one with the chaos, you’ll be in good company.

    Sanity….is optional.

    Your Fairy Blogmother

    • Oh dear. :(

      My vision quest is so far yielding visions of delicious flesh and not a lot else.

      I am working on vlogs though! And he did some of my dishes, so that’s cool.

      And there was sushi. Not sure where that fits into enlightenment, but Buddhists eat sushi and also find nirvana so….there’s that.

  3. Hah–try a YEAR of celibacy! I am too nervous to even kiss anyone because I’m afraid I might have forgotten how to do it :X

    Dating is stressful. Word of advice? Don’t get into any serious relationships while you’re in college. They just add to the stress factor and then the relationship usually collapses quite violently. Date a ton of different guys and learn what you want to look for in a serious one! :)

    • Ooh, I don’t know if I could do no kisses for that long :( Let me know if you want to enroll in DSK – Dru’s School of Kissing – to renew your confidence in your lip locking abilities :D ( My gosh…I belong in a sink with that much plug… )

      I will keep that in mind as I head into uni. I’m kind of starting to think that serious dating in general is a bad idea – it tends to leave me shaken :( We shall see! Hopefully college is at least fun ^^

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