Progress and Sushi

Or, at least, sushi.

Everything would have been fine yesterday. There was salmon – which had its L rather adorably pronounced, – tuna, eel, rolled up stuff, stacked-on-rice stuff, soy sauce and deftly wielded chopsticks that fed me romance and broken nigiri sushi in equal parts. We tried to get into three different buildings before we finally gave up and settled for the wide edge of a beautiful, lightening lit fountain. Everything was perfect until the freaking ninja assassin roach tried to kill me and we had to flee for my life. But that helped us get back to the car before the rain started, and we made it to ice cream without my dress flying up in the wind, and we passed the creepy cart wrangler without any injuries to anything except my delicate sensibilities when he called out “Oh baby!” to my previously mentioned dress-flying-up issues.

Everything would have been beautiful and the very worst thing I would have done would have been either eating off his chopsticks or holding his hand. It would have been like that.

But then it rained. A lot.

As we were leaving the store the sky opened up and dumped aphrodisiac-infused rain on our heads and I jumped in puddles and he chased me and we kissed in the downpour like some ridiculously dramatic couple from a pop-indie music video. And then a car honked at us and we ran back to the car and I took a shower and he washed my dishes and I realized that I don’t want to not talk to him.

I want to have adventures and go bowling and successfully break into buildings to eat weird food. I want to work on my bucket list and dwell in that warm area between sleep and life knowing that he’s there to protect me from the nightmares that I don’t have anymore.

You can’t always get what you want, though. Sometimes you must seek what you need. And what I need right now is a ukelele and a Swedish-speaker and to be Dru – NSA.

Realizing that is progress, right?


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