No news is good news

By which I mean to suggest both that there is never any good news in the news and that the quality of reporting that reaches me through my ABC News app – and virtually every online medium I’ve ever consumed – is about the furthest thing from “good” possible.

I thought I should read some news. I should stay informed. I always know when major stuff happens because someone tweets it ( yes. 80% of my news consumption comes directly from twitter. I’m okay with that ) but I never know when the little things, like the ten-thousand troops being pulled from that place we were absolutely gonna stop warring with or in or at like three years ago but instead surged 30k new troops into.

I realized today that I’m quite happy without the little things.

In the last 20 minutes I read an article about a man who reported his entire police stand-off on his Facebook – which was infuriating but understandable at least; I would likely tweet about it if I committed crime more interesting than recovering my copy of Tragic Kingdom, – the possibility of global warming and the wonderful initiative to help the environment by having thousands of people write what they will do to help the environment on thousands small, unrecycled pieces of paper, and of course, the baffling story of my country’s president once again failing to do what he said he would.

And I read it in a grammatically incorrect, misspelled and repetitive attempt at English.

I think I’ll stick with twitter and Philip DeFranco, thanks.


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