Is not conducive to not making out with attractive young people.

Mademoiselle Malkin even called it. Well, she called me and when I signed off with “I need to go cook and not make out with this really cute boy right here” she said “right. Good luck with that.” in skeptical voice :p

Oh Miss Malkin, why’d you have to be right like that?

We were doing awesome. I made steak – I am very good at this; this one was too salty, but generally I am lauded with “this is the best steak I’ve ever had” – and corn for us to enjoy on the floor of my living room. We used CD jewel cases as coasters for the merlot the Internet and the guy at the wine place suggested and rocked it picnic style. Because I’m a college student. ( This is official now. I have registered for orientation and everything. Though it should be noted that I do have real coasters. I just totally forgot about them. )

We were about halfway down Nelm’s Road – this is a pun; the wine was called Nelm’s Road and we were about half through the bottle – when not kissing became somewhat of an issue. But! We managed to make it. In the end we were undone not by my radiant self belting a combination of Cake and Amanda Palmer, or by the shower that was mostly drunk yet at least 45% sexy, but by a quick peck on the lips that seemed totally natural. After the whole naked soapy time.

Weird how these things happen.

Ah well, next Monday will be 10 weeks and I’ll start then. Maybe. If I can resist him long enough to get more than two days in.


Please enjoy the above image of our shared dinner. At this point we were totally sober and totally un-kissing. Also enjoy his crotch. Cuz there’s a lot of that in the frame. Sorry :/ *awkward*


4 thoughts on “Wine

    • David Tennant look-alikes surely do ^^

      Don’t worry, I shall be having a birthday party with many more shot glasses so I don’t end up screaming in Japanese :D I will expect your presence, my illustrious DM.

      Also: do you still haz your phone?

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