You Are My Sunshine

Dru Saxton: Fuck sunshine
Matt: I’d rather not. I’ve just eaten my tea.
Dru Saxton: lol
Dru Saxton: I want to
Dru Saxton: Hard, angry sex. So it knows how much I love it but is really sore in the morning
Dru Saxton: Can I have a tirade?
Dru Saxton: Pwease?
Matt: That’s…disturbingly arousing.
Matt: And yes, go ahead and rant
Dru Saxton: Lol
Dru Saxton: Cheers.

Today has been so fucking shit.

And no, gorram it phone, I don’t mean shut. I mean shit. As in fecal matter. I paid ten fucking dollars for a taxi that got me to work five minutes later than my bike would have and left me without said bike.

So now I’m walking all over Denton.

I’m taking my sweet-ass time because cars – fucking cars with their air conditioners and engines; I fucking hate them – have to yield to me. Cuz I’m a gorram pedestrian.

A slow fucking pedestrian – fucking there is an adjective connoting my failure at life, not a verb suggesting I’m doing anything enjoyable.

Matt: lol

And now, the sun is beating on me like an over-eager nerd boy who thinks it’s acceptable to comment on a girl’s physical flaws with the same dogged determination he uses to try to get her to fuck.

And I want to fuck it. ( The sun, not the boy. ) Hard. In the ass with a ten inch strap-on. I want to fuck it so hard that it comes fucking rainbows and butterflies, choking on the wad of pillow in its teeth with tears streaming down its face.

Because I do love it. Honestly. I’m just really fucking pissed right now, and it’s not helping.

Matt: You have amazing imagery when you’re angry
Dru Saxton: :3
Dru Saxton: It cheers me up
Dru Saxton: So… Yeah. That’s my day
Dru Saxton: How’re you?
Matt: Pretty happy. No lab reports and revision is biting my pillow as we speak.


It’s begging me to stop but screaming for me to carry on. It hasn’t said the safety word yet so I’ll keep on.


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