Being American

We watch sports at work. We have that old fashioned diner mixed with wannabe sports bar ( sans alcohol ) vibe going on.

Saturday, we were watching pro bowling. I spent three years on a league and I freaking loved it. I have my own ball, my own shoes, my own bowling nickname ( I used to be called “Spares” cuz I was quite good at picking stuff up. After Sunday’s games, I would say I’m still quite good at that; shame it doesn’t work on girls ) and a passion for the only sport I’ve ever actively been a part of.


This is me. Kissing my ball. My gosh, I love putting my mouth on balls.

A big, burly, manly man came in with his conspicuously attractive female and started making fun. I told him we’d be showing the USA v Mexico game later in the evening and asked him if he liked soccer. His response was “I’m American. You know, apple pie, football…?” His lady friend smiled indulgently as he chuckled at his own wit.

And I smiled, quietly acknowledging that I may not be American.

I despise apple pie. It’s too sweet; cloying chunks of sugared apple are not my idea of om-noms. I don’t like American football – it’s slow and overly padded. I can’t seem to get along with my fellow Americans, finding Europeans or Asians or Africans far more agreeable and similar in disposition and temperament to myself.

When I was in high school my friend Jule said I had a European spirit, and that I should never let myself forget that here.

So what makes an American an American? Is it pure and simple love for this country? Because that is something I have in abundance. I love this place – Texas in particular – more than anywhere I’ve ever been. But identity is a funny thing; people think I’m Jewish because I celebrate Hanukkah and wear a Star of David and don’t eat pork. Do my European sensibilities make me European? Does my newly discovered love of sport and my fondness for sticking my tongue in other girls’ mouths make me a dyke?

These are not rhetorical questions.

What do you think? Am I American? Are you? Is identity objective or subjective? Is Nationality? Is orientation? For that matter, is gender?

These questions fascinate me endlessly.

Also, I got 104, 93 and 129 Sunday. I freaking love bowling, nationality be damned.


4 thoughts on “Being American

  1. You are neither American or European. Perhaps Ameripean? IDK, either way, you have a lot too much cutural knowledge to be American (In my biased, ill-informed opinion)

    Love, Dan x x

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