California – Day 4

MLG! It’s finals!

Good news: I’m feeling much better. After my little crying spat on Day 1 of California, my general mood has been much improved.

Bad news: I’m so lethargic. No idea why. It’s really irritating though. I think part of it is because I have done very little anything ( okay, so there’s been some walking ) and my body is rebelling. I think another part is just lack of sleep. Though I did sleep ridiculously a lot yesterday. So who knows. Maybe my body is just tired of belonging to me :/

[ Warning, this post is about to get pretty geeky. If you don’t know/care about StarCraft II, you should skip down to the next set of brackets. ]

But I am having fun. I’ve seen some awesome Terran players and I really feel like I’ve learned a lot. Coming to MLG as a total SC2 noob, it took me a while to even figure out what was going on in the matches, much less know what to cheer at. But now I have a fairly good handle on Terran play, at least. I’ve been fortunate to see some of the best Terran players in the game – and some of the most famous, like Boxer ^^ – and some really solid TvT and TvP games. I haven’t actually seen any Zerg matches yet, which is unfortunate, but I have gained valuable knowledge ( and many lolz ) from the games I’ve seen.


Jinro and Choya on the mainstage. ( I think it’s Choya, anyway. )

I also got to meet and chat with White-Ra ( who’s name cracks me up ^^ White-Ra -> White Russian :p ) and get QXC’s signature – I want him to be my Q :p – and very briefly talk to Choya, the Terran that sings to himself when he plays. Kaiko was very helpful with Choya, yay for Korean-speaking boyfriends.

I’m really eager to get home and implement some of the stuff I’ve learned – like how important SCVs are and how you don’t use firebats at all against Protoss and how freaking cool nukes are when used properly – and see if I can maybe not get completely murdered in a match. I don’t want to be a noob :3

[ This concludes the SC2 portion of my blog. You may continue from this point. ]

So, I’m already feeling better. Despite what some people ( I’m looking at you, Kaiko ) may think, I do need quiet time to rejuvenate. Taking time to talk to you guys gives me the space I need in my head. I really should be doing a better job of blogging and journalling on this trip and in general, but I’m not :p

I have had a lot of fun this trip, despite what it may seem, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Phrennie and riding my bike and playing on my computer again. Also sorting out the rest of my house. I didn’t tell you, but I got all my dishes washed and fixed a bunch of my kitchen cabinets and stuff. Maybe I’ll actually get everything sorted before college starts.

Oh, and that. I should probably find a job or something, since I only have $14 right now. *sigh*

Wanna buy some snow globes? Or pins from musicals? Or a cat?


( Kidding. Do you really think I could sell that face? Rent, maybe. Make an offer. )


California – Day 1


We made it. After 2.5 days of driving we made it to California.

There are palm trees lining the roads, the air smells like the ocean, our hotel is awesome…

And I am crying in bed.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. It probably has something to do with the fact that I just started taking the pill again – all my emotions seem pretty erratic right now. But I don’t like it at all. I don’t like being in a different state and only able to focus on the fact that I’m not 21 and I’m still feeling sick and I can’t do anything for myself.

I feel like I’m drowning in my own negativity and I can’t help but remember how after his bitching in England I dumped Jon, and Coll dumped me because of this mindset. I hate it.

I want to be cheerful and excited for my boyfriend, but tears keep slipping out when I’m not concentrating on holding them back. I want to be excited, but he can hear in my voice that all I want to do is lie here and pretend I’m not crying.

I hate this feeling; like I’m not in control of my emotions.

I will get better. I won’t ruin this trip for him.

I won’t make him want to run.

X Marks The Spot

I, ladies and gentleman, got my X.

And she was cute.

Part of orientation – the three day event I have been attending for the past two days – is getting to know everyone around you. Or, at least, as many of everyone as you can. I happened to find, during a random dancing activity thing ( I’ll tell you about orientation tomorrow ) a lovely green-haired girl name Xochitl. Which sounds roughly like “So-chee” I looked at her name tag, looked at her, said “we should make out” got her number and made out with her in the stairwell. :3 I felt so hardcore. She was lovely and seems really sweet.

So, I’m a step closer. So happy.

Now, I’m going to bed.


Branson; Misery

O hai!

This is the part where I apologize a whole lot and promise to be a better blogger.

I'm going swimming in Arkansas. Woo.

Alternatively, I could spam you with pictures and tell you about my holiday! :D I think we both know what you would rather me do. ( Can haz captions?! How do you do that in the iOS wordpress app? ( Answer: Do it on your computer instead :D ) )

The whole reason for the trip to Missouri was to see a show called SIX. It’s an a capella sextet ( haha, I got to say sextet ^-^ ) that were extremely talented but failed to really catch my attention. I spent most of the show texting my shiny new boyfriend because they only do like first verses and choruses instead of whole songs. Pretty disappointing considering how much I freaking love a capella stuff. But we saw it.

This is vaguely what the stage looked like from where I was.

After the show we went to eat a restaurant that had a freaking 50 foot chicken in front of it. Somehow we managed to miss it 3 times. I have no idea. :/

The food was good. The server was alright – I got his number, he totally wanted me :D – the company was great. Huzzah for family pictures which I still don’t have a copy of. We’ll work on that.

That night, everyone crashed in the hotel room. I went wandering.

Wandering: mainly because I looked like this. Zowwie - I'd totally tap that.

Turns out there aren’t really any places to dance or club or anything in Branson. I ended up finding out about a gay bar just before I headed home, but whatever. Since there was no night life to be had, I did what any reasonable young woman would.

I got my rook piercing. :D

The place was awesome. Very friendly. And my piercer said that I knew my body really well because of the warnings I gave her. :) It makes me happy when people recognize my understanding of my body. ( /reallypretentiouscommentoftheday ) I got a business card for my wall and was apparently the only normal person to walk into the shop all night. I also get really happy when people mistake me for normal ;D

NEW METAL! The two balls toward my face - that's a rook :)

On my way home I got picked up by a viking. Yes. That kind of viking. He was about twice my age, but very determined. I ended up having to stand him up the next afternoon because we went home early. ( Grand-paw has a hard time sleeping in beds. Or at all. )

So we went home. That’s about it. It was a really nice trip. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my family ( Aunts, Uncle and Grandpa ) and I really liked seeing Missouri. Everyone met BS. They were very polite about his Asian-ness ( G’pa waited a whole 24 hours before saying “He looks a little oriental.” by way of asking me why I was dating an asian guy ) and I generally had fun. I would say it was a success.

And that was the trip. It was so fun. And I am happy that I have some legit family still. My aunts are great :)

Oh dear. However did we get so hot?

I sent that to BS on my way back. You can enjoy, too. <3

Don’t Call Me Nymphadora

Well, here we are. It’s the end of an era. After tonight, our generation’s hold on Harry Potter will be over.

And I’m so glad.

Don’t get me wrong: I will be sobbing all night. From content and from the fact that it’s over.


Morose Dru contemplates the end.

I grew up with Harry. When I was homeschooled, he was my friend, Hermione was my role model, and Ron was my secret crush. My heart toured pretty much all of Hogwarts with Professor Binns being about the only member of faculty and student body who never held my amorous attention. I love these books.

And now they’re over.

But I’m so glad that I got to experience them. Never again will someone start the series with just 2 other books out. Never again will there be lines for hours and hours just to get the next installment at midnight. Never again. And I was part of it. I dressed up and waited and read. And it was beautiful.

I dressed up as Tonks tonight. For the last time. For the last movie.


And my gosh, am I ever glad that I was alive for this.

I love you. And I will miss you.