Don’t Call Me Nymphadora

Well, here we are. It’s the end of an era. After tonight, our generation’s hold on Harry Potter will be over.

And I’m so glad.

Don’t get me wrong: I will be sobbing all night. From content and from the fact that it’s over.


Morose Dru contemplates the end.

I grew up with Harry. When I was homeschooled, he was my friend, Hermione was my role model, and Ron was my secret crush. My heart toured pretty much all of Hogwarts with Professor Binns being about the only member of faculty and student body who never held my amorous attention. I love these books.

And now they’re over.

But I’m so glad that I got to experience them. Never again will someone start the series with just 2 other books out. Never again will there be lines for hours and hours just to get the next installment at midnight. Never again. And I was part of it. I dressed up and waited and read. And it was beautiful.

I dressed up as Tonks tonight. For the last time. For the last movie.


And my gosh, am I ever glad that I was alive for this.

I love you. And I will miss you.



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