Branson; Misery

O hai!

This is the part where I apologize a whole lot and promise to be a better blogger.

I'm going swimming in Arkansas. Woo.

Alternatively, I could spam you with pictures and tell you about my holiday! :D I think we both know what you would rather me do. ( Can haz captions?! How do you do that in the iOS wordpress app? ( Answer: Do it on your computer instead :D ) )

The whole reason for the trip to Missouri was to see a show called SIX. It’s an a capella sextet ( haha, I got to say sextet ^-^ ) that were extremely talented but failed to really catch my attention. I spent most of the show texting my shiny new boyfriend because they only do like first verses and choruses instead of whole songs. Pretty disappointing considering how much I freaking love a capella stuff. But we saw it.

This is vaguely what the stage looked like from where I was.

After the show we went to eat a restaurant that had a freaking 50 foot chicken in front of it. Somehow we managed to miss it 3 times. I have no idea. :/

The food was good. The server was alright – I got his number, he totally wanted me :D – the company was great. Huzzah for family pictures which I still don’t have a copy of. We’ll work on that.

That night, everyone crashed in the hotel room. I went wandering.

Wandering: mainly because I looked like this. Zowwie - I'd totally tap that.

Turns out there aren’t really any places to dance or club or anything in Branson. I ended up finding out about a gay bar just before I headed home, but whatever. Since there was no night life to be had, I did what any reasonable young woman would.

I got my rook piercing. :D

The place was awesome. Very friendly. And my piercer said that I knew my body really well because of the warnings I gave her. :) It makes me happy when people recognize my understanding of my body. ( /reallypretentiouscommentoftheday ) I got a business card for my wall and was apparently the only normal person to walk into the shop all night. I also get really happy when people mistake me for normal ;D

NEW METAL! The two balls toward my face - that's a rook :)

On my way home I got picked up by a viking. Yes. That kind of viking. He was about twice my age, but very determined. I ended up having to stand him up the next afternoon because we went home early. ( Grand-paw has a hard time sleeping in beds. Or at all. )

So we went home. That’s about it. It was a really nice trip. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my family ( Aunts, Uncle and Grandpa ) and I really liked seeing Missouri. Everyone met BS. They were very polite about his Asian-ness ( G’pa waited a whole 24 hours before saying “He looks a little oriental.” by way of asking me why I was dating an asian guy ) and I generally had fun. I would say it was a success.

And that was the trip. It was so fun. And I am happy that I have some legit family still. My aunts are great :)

Oh dear. However did we get so hot?

I sent that to BS on my way back. You can enjoy, too. <3


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