California – Day 4

MLG! It’s finals!

Good news: I’m feeling much better. After my little crying spat on Day 1 of California, my general mood has been much improved.

Bad news: I’m so lethargic. No idea why. It’s really irritating though. I think part of it is because I have done very little anything ( okay, so there’s been some walking ) and my body is rebelling. I think another part is just lack of sleep. Though I did sleep ridiculously a lot yesterday. So who knows. Maybe my body is just tired of belonging to me :/

[ Warning, this post is about to get pretty geeky. If you don’t know/care about StarCraft II, you should skip down to the next set of brackets. ]

But I am having fun. I’ve seen some awesome Terran players and I really feel like I’ve learned a lot. Coming to MLG as a total SC2 noob, it took me a while to even figure out what was going on in the matches, much less know what to cheer at. But now I have a fairly good handle on Terran play, at least. I’ve been fortunate to see some of the best Terran players in the game – and some of the most famous, like Boxer ^^ – and some really solid TvT and TvP games. I haven’t actually seen any Zerg matches yet, which is unfortunate, but I have gained valuable knowledge ( and many lolz ) from the games I’ve seen.


Jinro and Choya on the mainstage. ( I think it’s Choya, anyway. )

I also got to meet and chat with White-Ra ( who’s name cracks me up ^^ White-Ra -> White Russian :p ) and get QXC’s signature – I want him to be my Q :p – and very briefly talk to Choya, the Terran that sings to himself when he plays. Kaiko was very helpful with Choya, yay for Korean-speaking boyfriends.

I’m really eager to get home and implement some of the stuff I’ve learned – like how important SCVs are and how you don’t use firebats at all against Protoss and how freaking cool nukes are when used properly – and see if I can maybe not get completely murdered in a match. I don’t want to be a noob :3

[ This concludes the SC2 portion of my blog. You may continue from this point. ]

So, I’m already feeling better. Despite what some people ( I’m looking at you, Kaiko ) may think, I do need quiet time to rejuvenate. Taking time to talk to you guys gives me the space I need in my head. I really should be doing a better job of blogging and journalling on this trip and in general, but I’m not :p

I have had a lot of fun this trip, despite what it may seem, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Phrennie and riding my bike and playing on my computer again. Also sorting out the rest of my house. I didn’t tell you, but I got all my dishes washed and fixed a bunch of my kitchen cabinets and stuff. Maybe I’ll actually get everything sorted before college starts.

Oh, and that. I should probably find a job or something, since I only have $14 right now. *sigh*

Wanna buy some snow globes? Or pins from musicals? Or a cat?


( Kidding. Do you really think I could sell that face? Rent, maybe. Make an offer. )


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