Ginger and Clove Chicken

This is a rather nummy chicken recipe that I developed against heavy, heavy resistance from a douche bag who thought a first date was perfect timing to grab my ass, but that the third was MUCH too soon to meet friends. He said that every single step of this recipe would taste bad. But it doesn’t. It’s delicious.


Ground Clove
Black Pepper
Ginger Vinaigrette
Soy Sauce
Lemon Juice
Pinot Grigio ( We used Yellow Tail )
Chicken Breast


Heat a pan and coat with butter. Mix ground clove, a dash of salt and two shakes of pepper together in a small bowl. Apply this rub thinly to one side of uncooked chicken breast. Cook chicken in pan. Lightly char the side with the rub. Ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked to prevent dying from my blog.


Heat the ginger vinaigrette in a small sauce pan. Add soy sauce until it tastes too soy saucy. Add two spritzes of lemon juice. Add the Pinot Grigio until the sauce tastes tangy and not too soy saucy.


Chicken, charred side up, with sauce covering the entire top of the chicken. Serve with plain rolls and unwanted corn. Drink the rest of the Pinot Grigio.


Om nom nom! It’s a spiceful and delicious chicken dish. Very good for fall, I would think.


Mon Pubis

So, I’ve talked about my boobs, I talk about my piercings all the time, and I occasionally shower you with gratuitous pictures of my semi-naked body.

That article's image up there fits this comic quite nicely, I think.

Now we talk about my vagina. Kind of.

I shaved my… I’m struggling here for a suitably nonchalant-yet-unobnoxious term. I shaved my pubic hair. ( That’ll have to do. I’m not saying “pubes” or “bush” or “beaver” My gosh I hate it when female genitalia is referred to as a beaver. I don’t even like beavers. Urgh. )

Fun facts about Dru: I don’t shave. I DO shave my bikini line. I DO trim to keep things from getting wild. I DON’T shave everything. Because I feel womanly having hair. It shows I’m grown-up and require medicating or latex to NOT bear one children.

But, I decided to try.

I have shaved everything once previously, when I was like 15 or 16 – please stop imagining my pubic mound at that age, that’s paedophilia, – and I really didn’t like it. I had no idea what I was doing – that was before I googled a how-to everything of everything I do before even attempting to do it – and I got horrendous razor burn. SO! This time I also didn’t read google. Surprisingly, I still got a horrible razor burn. When I was in the shower, just before my first swipe, I thought to myself “I should probably google this first. Eh. It’ll be fine.” ( You should probably click here then here. )

In my defense, I thought that the trouble last time was caused by improper shaving, an old razor, and chafing. Turns out it was because I’m too good at what I do. So, in case you have decided you want to get rid of your glorious bush, here are some things I’ve learned that I will put into practice if I ever decide to do this again – which I might, because being smooth is really…feely; lots of feeling – :

Mine is naturally shaped like a buffalo.

1. DON’T USE YOUR NORMAL RAZOR! Unless you normally shave with a shitty/electric one. I use a five-blade men’s razor from Gillette because A] women’s razors in my experience suck and B] that thing gives me the closest freaking shave I’ve ever had. Ever. ( Gillette, if you want to sponsor me when I become famous, I’d be happy to talk. )

Why: Turns out that razor burn is actually ingrown hairs. This occurs much more readily in pubic the pubic area because the hair is curly, so it doesn’t grow straight. ( Redundancy systems, online! ) With a super close shave, the hair has to grow back out from under the skin, meaning it gets all stuck and stuff. This sort of leads me to believe that I’ll never be able to achieve that silky, stubble free finish if I don’t want to look plagued for like a week after. *pout* I am told that single blade razors and electric shavers do not cut so close eliminating at least part of the problem.


Why: I dunno – I still think friction is part of my problem. *shrug*


Why: Moisturizing is probably the most overlooked yet most important step in ALL hygienic routines. Except maybe tooth care. I don’t think you need to moisturize anything in your mouth. Everywhere else though! I used a lightweight water-based gel moisturizer that really, really helped. According to my research, moisturizing “softens hairs” or something so there’s not so much of the cutting and tearing of skin upon re-entry. Yes. We’re suddenly talking space shuttles here.

4. DON’T DO IT. Unless you want to.

Why: You should absolutely never let anyone pressure you into anything. I wasn’t pressured, but my partner’s opinion was one of the main deciding factors behind my shavey-shavey-ing. Luckily, my dude is pretty chill and was sympathetic to my pain. Make sure your partner isn’t a douche about you shaving. Don’t let them make you do something you don’t want to. And if – assuming you want to try something new and do go ahead and shave for the first or second time – they make fun of you because you’re a rookie and you messed up your crotch and it really hurts a lot and looks like dead poultry, remember: They’re gonna be cruel, mean and fucked up in the head for the rest of their life. You’ll likely be fine in a few days. Also, punch them, because they suck. Or cry a lot. Whichever works better.

Hope that helps.

I understand that different people like different things. But I think I will limit my topiarian endeavors to plant life from now on. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll spring for an electric. Whatevs.

[ The title is funny because it seems like I misspelled something, but it’s actually in French. Ah. I’m clever sometimes. ]

The Brotherhood

For the past three weeks, I’ve been watching the VlogBrothers’ videos on youtube. ( Check it out, a link! )

I wore this to a shop once and the guy said "I don't understand your shirt." John Green is from the internet. I like him. He likes Pizza. I like Pizza. I like him liking Pizza.

It took me about a week to finish Brotherhood 2.0 and I actually shed a single tear at the end of the first year.

Now I’m all caught up ( I caught up last thursday ) and my days are much less interesting. I don’t have Hank and John talking back and forth to each other in my ears for six hours a day while I do various other work-like things.

I noticed something though: These guys inspire me.

I want to be more than just Dru. I want to never forget to be awesome. I want to earn my place in Nerdfighteria.

I want to vlog!

[ From August 17, 2010 ]

Now, a year later, I am a nerdfighter. I talk about Hank and John, show people their videos, wear my Pizza shirt… I am happy in this community.

I have found a new part of me out there in the interwebz and I feel more complete for it. I have pride in who and what I am.

I still need to work on the vlogging thing, though.

Hank, John? Thank you for what you’ve given me.

Best Wishes!

Twitter Fiend

I tried to get verified on twitter. This is what I said ^_^

I didn’t get verified though :(

Since February of 2009 when I first started using Twitter, it has become a huge part of my life. I tweet every day from my phone, the web, twitterbar, other people’s phones… Anywhere I can. I love the quick exchange of information.

My blog is centered around a list of things that I want to do before I die. One of those things is obtain verification on twitter.

I am a blogger and twitter-addict who would love to be verified mainly because it’s on my bucket list. I haven’t gone more than 24 hours without tweeting in the past year and twitter almost broke up my last relationship – he wanted me to stop; I didn’t.
I use twitter as a journal and a way to connect with people across the world and to publicize my blog entries.
I am happy to answer any questions that need answers. Even ones about the origin of the universe.

Hitting Up Nostalgia

Is definitively better than knocking it up.

I love chiptunes.

Go listen to that. Then go listen to this.

When I was a little girl, I would hear that every night just before I went to bed. We would watch the reruns and the new episodes on UPN 21 – a station that doesn’t exist anymore. We’d also watch DS9 on there, but I don’t really remember that. Probably cuz it sucked :D