Dirty Dirty Dirt

I went to California. You know that.

What you probably don’t know – unless you read my twitter – is that I’m an SCV. ( Clicking that link will more or less tell you everything you need to know on a basic level about SCVs. To know more, click around :D )

Partially because I was spending a lot of time playing sc2, partially because we were about to go to MLG and partially because life is just better as a video game, I spent most of the day and night before we left pretending I was an SCV while I washed dishes. It helped me focus. ( Being a hellion helped me focus even more. I hate the zerg. )

This is what it looked like around 9am on the day before we left.

I was raised by a woman who, among other less desirable things, instilled in me a deep rooted hate for all things householdy-and-dirty. Kitchens, bathrooms, houses in general, should be clean. Sparkly. Hygenic.

Thing is, my mother was a “what I preach” kind of woman and our kitchen was rarely clean. Our bathroom was rarely above the “disgusting” level. Our house was usually a mess, and it smelled of dog piss. When I got my own place I swore my house would never smell like Phrennie, and for the most part, I’ve made good on that. But I’m very much less passionate about dishes. Or I was, until I spent about 6 hours ( that’s a legitimate estimate. ) washing that terrifying mess you see there.

After we got back from California, I took to the bathroom, cleaning and organizing my cupboard. Because I’m me, I decided to do it over a period of time, meaning there was a bunch of stuff in my sink. So I washed my face in the kitchen sink. Because it was clean. For the first time in my life, my kitchen is cleaner than my bathroom. It’s awesome. :D ( Except my bathroom is about to take over again because I’m anal about keeping it sparkly. It’s almost always the cleanest room ( by far ) in my house. )

I’m working on keeping things clean and getting them cleaner. I want my kids – when they get around to existing sometime in the distantish future – to keep their houses clean out of habit not out of “Being like mum: DO NOT WANT.” I do.

I’ll teach them to fix shit too, like I do. I’ll teach them to be awesome.

I will love them.

And? Our sink will always look like this:

Mm...clean. Notice how I have two bottles of soap? That's for my dual flame upgrade when I'm in hellion mode


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