Adorably Alice

So, ages ago, I was a total fangirl over the book addicts website. Right after it came out I was all about it. At least in part due to the fact that it’s maintained by four women from my NaNoWriMo region who are all fantastically amazing.

Alice, had this to say about me. In her quotation section on facebook:

“Did you give me chocolates ala Romilda Vane? Cause I think I love you.” – Me. Fangirling over new awesome friend, Dru.

Dru says, “I am officially fangirling over you, now. That sounds like possibly the most magical event EVER.” [talking about using Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” as my wedding recessional song]

// I felt very loved :D She also has one of my favorites on twitter saying something along the lines of “I am far too well-written to sparkle.” ^_^

She moved to Japan before I ever got to meet her. Sad days :(


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