The Brotherhood

For the past three weeks, I’ve been watching the VlogBrothers’ videos on youtube. ( Check it out, a link! )

I wore this to a shop once and the guy said "I don't understand your shirt." John Green is from the internet. I like him. He likes Pizza. I like Pizza. I like him liking Pizza.

It took me about a week to finish Brotherhood 2.0 and I actually shed a single tear at the end of the first year.

Now I’m all caught up ( I caught up last thursday ) and my days are much less interesting. I don’t have Hank and John talking back and forth to each other in my ears for six hours a day while I do various other work-like things.

I noticed something though: These guys inspire me.

I want to be more than just Dru. I want to never forget to be awesome. I want to earn my place in Nerdfighteria.

I want to vlog!

[ From August 17, 2010 ]

Now, a year later, I am a nerdfighter. I talk about Hank and John, show people their videos, wear my Pizza shirt… I am happy in this community.

I have found a new part of me out there in the interwebz and I feel more complete for it. I have pride in who and what I am.

I still need to work on the vlogging thing, though.

Hank, John? Thank you for what you’ve given me.

Best Wishes!


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