Let’s talk about friends for a minute.

When I was younger I had a really hard time connecting with people. This may have been because I was alarmingly difficult to be friends with. It may also have been because of my mother’s habit of picking up her boobs and setting them on people and/or offering to show them to people whenever they came round ( after her breast augmentation ). I think it was probably more the first than the second.

But I always had a hard time. Before I started at UNT, I had a really hard time making friends. Because it’s hard. It’s really hard to connect with anybody in a non-romantic sort of way if you’re not in school and you don’t work with your peers.

Thankfully, I now have a few people I can call good friends, many people I can say I’m friendly with and a plethora of acquaintances with whom I am on good terms.

But this wasn’t always so. In the spirit of the Christmas/Hanukkah season, I’d like to acknowledge and thank those people who call themselves my friend. Particularly the awesome crew I had the good fortune to work with at the Santa set and the pseudo-relative who spent her holiday with me. It was insane and hard and I got sick a lot which was crap and we almost didn’t have Christmas dinner which was even more crap, but they stuck by me and were fantastic.

And honestly, the friends who can wear reindeer antlers with you are the best kind of friend you could ask for.



Don’t Panic

So, my arm hurts. A lot.


But I’m not gonna panic.

I got my very first tattoo yesterday. It hurt. Quite a bit, I would say. The outline felt like I was being cut on. The filling in was itchy and hot and I strongly disliked it. Now it just feels like I have a bad sunburn on my arm.

I concentrated quite hard on the sensations so that I’d be able to describe the pain to you. All in all I would say it hurt less than my nipple piercings and about as much as my rook. ( Fun note, my piercings in order from most to least painful: Nipples, 2nd nose, rook, first nose, helix 1st time, helix 2nd time, 2nd lobe, first pair of lobes. )

So yeah: cutting then itchy burny irritation followed by the soreness of a bad sunburn. I’m told forearms hurt a good deal less than other places. So yay. I don’t plan on any more tattoos in the future. Except maybe the one Lu and I planned on ages ago :p

Some info: Don’t panic is from hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. I initially wrote it inside my left forearm during NaNoWriMo 2009 as a reminder not to panic about deadlines or anything else really. This was the last Christmas I celebrated with my parents and was quite stressful.

The font is Gill Sans, commonly accepted as the font on the TARDIS and many other official-ish type things in England. It was originally designed by a bloke surnamed Gill for a friend who owned a bookshop.

This is not a tattoo for Doctor Who or Hitchhiker’s. It’s a tattoo for me – a friendly reminder to calm down and a clean, large, friendly font to facilitate that reminder.

Fantastic, no?

Share your tattoo experiences with me in the comments! Bonus points for pics.



We work next to the sunglasses stand :p

It is so slow in the mornings, but it makes for a nice gentle way to not die when I’m the only person working. My helper this morning called in sick and how could I ask her to come? I’m probably the one that infected her.

UPDATE: She’s definitely the one who infected me.

I am not feeling well. I asked one of my girls to cover for me tonight so I could go home half an hour early and she said “As long as I don’t have to open, too.”

Nope. That’s what I have to do. Open – 8.30. Close – 10.30. Sick? Yes.

Bull shit? Probably.

Oh well. At least I can pay my bills. It’s nice to have money. It’s nice, but really painful when you feel like your stomach is about to explode.

I want soup for dinner.

To regroup: Santa and I are badasses.

Finals – Bombed

So, I have a GPA now. It’s 2.44. That’s too low to pick up scholarships, I think.

I didn’t fail History though. I made a nice, sound C in it.

I did fail math. A big, fat, juicy F. Meh.

I already didn’t feel well this morning; I woke up at 5 sick to my stomach in a very immediate and tugging sort of way, as though it had hurt for a long enough time in the dark but now that it finally had me awake it demanded my full attention. I extra don’t feel well now.

I’ll retake those classes – hopefully – and everything will be shiny. This semester I don’t start anything at 8 so I’ll be awake and I don’t start anything at 18.00 so I’ll actually attend. :)

Over the holidays I need to review and practice my Chinese so I have a firm hold on the characters for next semester. I’m also going to try and teach Brian hangul if he’ll let me. And finish some games ^_^

Wish me health?

FALL 2011

US History Beginning to Civil War – C

Texas Government – C

Intro to Probability and Stats with Algebra Lab – F

Elementary French – A

Elementary Chinese – A



Four months ago, more or less, I walked up these stairs, listening to Weezer, and into my very first university class. A class I subsequently – probably – failed.

And here I am. Here I am a college sophomore because with the credits that I transferred from my AP exams along with the 18 hours I took this semester make me into a 2nd year after just four months. With this kind of head start I might finish on time ^_^

I’ve learned a lot, but that’s boring. So here’s the most interesting stuff:

1. How to Cheers Gov’ner. It’s an awesome drinking game and even better with reverse Drive.

2. I’m awesome at mixing drinks.

3. My boyfriend is extremely long-suffering.

4. How to bleach hair.

5. People will assume you’re a lesbian if you have short cropped hair and a cat.

6. Chinese :)