I just found a comment hidden away in the unanswered and pending section asking if the blog was dead. I guess yeah. It kind of was.

I started thinking that it was more important for me to provide you with the clever thought inducing content that my peers provide than it was to just blog.

But let’s face it: I’m not good at meaningful content. I’m a write about my sordid affairs and major victories type of girl.

So, we’re rebooting!

And I’m going to do what I do best. I will share with you the intimate details of my life, my triumphs and failures, enemies and friends, epic moments and most likely terrible puns. I’ll post mildly inappropriate pictures and wildly inappropriate anecdotes about my party life.

Most of all, I’ll just blog. The way it used to be, before I wanted to be famous and known. Before I started talking to Jess and decided to try and grab that fame. I’m not a famous person here.

Though I am pretty well known around campus.

For a freshman.

So here, have a picture.


This is what I’m up to these days.

I missed you x


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