Four months ago, more or less, I walked up these stairs, listening to Weezer, and into my very first university class. A class I subsequently – probably – failed.

And here I am. Here I am a college sophomore because with the credits that I transferred from my AP exams along with the 18 hours I took this semester make me into a 2nd year after just four months. With this kind of head start I might finish on time ^_^

I’ve learned a lot, but that’s boring. So here’s the most interesting stuff:

1. How to Cheers Gov’ner. It’s an awesome drinking game and even better with reverse Drive.

2. I’m awesome at mixing drinks.

3. My boyfriend is extremely long-suffering.

4. How to bleach hair.

5. People will assume you’re a lesbian if you have short cropped hair and a cat.

6. Chinese :)


2 thoughts on “Finals-y

  1. What is “on time” really but a subjective time things? You’ll finish when you finish and not a moment sooner and that’s ok. Because at least you will have a piece of paper from a degree granting institution unlike a certain Fairy BlogMother who has nothing but life experience which, these days, means diddly squat in the job market. Plus, I’m old. But back when I started in the working world all anyone cared about was whether you had experience. And I had none. I had a half a semester of community college and a semester of “real” college and credit for AP English.

    But, this is not a blog about me, it is only me commenting on YOUR blog and I say kudos to you for doing the school thing. Also, I too am an awesome amateur bartender. Particularly “Get Naked” punch. Which was a hit back in my early 20’s when maybe people might have wanted to see me naked (but most likely not…)

    My hair takes approximately 5 hours to get to platinum blonde. I go through a horrifying shade of “Ronald McDonald Orange” on the way due to all the red highlight in my hair. I am afraid to ever bleach it again worried that it will get stuck on that hideous orange colour.

    I will now stop writing a novella in your blog comments.

    • Hmm, on time for me would be four years. I don’t want to end up in school for 600 years without adding progressively awesome letters to my name. Dr Drucilla Saxton – has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

      As to the blonde…I think you should try it! We could even do it at Christmas if you want. Get a nice holiday buzz going on with you first, if you need it ;D

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