Finals – Bombed

So, I have a GPA now. It’s 2.44. That’s too low to pick up scholarships, I think.

I didn’t fail History though. I made a nice, sound C in it.

I did fail math. A big, fat, juicy F. Meh.

I already didn’t feel well this morning; I woke up at 5 sick to my stomach in a very immediate and tugging sort of way, as though it had hurt for a long enough time in the dark but now that it finally had me awake it demanded my full attention. I extra don’t feel well now.

I’ll retake those classes – hopefully – and everything will be shiny. This semester I don’t start anything at 8 so I’ll be awake and I don’t start anything at 18.00 so I’ll actually attend. :)

Over the holidays I need to review and practice my Chinese so I have a firm hold on the characters for next semester. I’m also going to try and teach Brian hangul if he’ll let me. And finish some games ^_^

Wish me health?

FALL 2011

US History Beginning to Civil War – C

Texas Government – C

Intro to Probability and Stats with Algebra Lab – F

Elementary French – A

Elementary Chinese – A


5 thoughts on “Finals – Bombed

  1. Ok, Probability and Statistics are way out of my league, so I’m no help there.

    History I’d be more than willing to help you with.

    I have no idea about Chinese but would be interested in trying to learn. French whupped my butt for the 1 semester I took it in HS before returning to Spanish.

    Or maybe well-meaning but overzealous Fairy BlogMother needs to sit down and shut up… *grin

    Also, please commence to NOT be sick. Thank you.

    • :) I’m certain I can achieve 4.0 – it’s just gonna take a while. Good to know for scholarships. 2.5 is important – is that because financial aid revokes? Oh…now I feel more unwell.

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