We work next to the sunglasses stand :p

It is so slow in the mornings, but it makes for a nice gentle way to not die when I’m the only person working. My helper this morning called in sick and how could I ask her to come? I’m probably the one that infected her.

UPDATE: She’s definitely the one who infected me.

I am not feeling well. I asked one of my girls to cover for me tonight so I could go home half an hour early and she said “As long as I don’t have to open, too.”

Nope. That’s what I have to do. Open – 8.30. Close – 10.30. Sick? Yes.

Bull shit? Probably.

Oh well. At least I can pay my bills. It’s nice to have money. It’s nice, but really painful when you feel like your stomach is about to explode.

I want soup for dinner.

To regroup: Santa and I are badasses.


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