Zombie Apocalypse

“So..Zombie apocalypse. Care to elaborate?”

‘Um, okay, yeah. Sure. Well, it’s an apocalypse. Featuring zombies as the main cause of the apocalyptical doom… It’s good to have a shot gun. Better to have a flame thrower and some good strong whiskey. Um…likely to end with mass destruction and the few uninfected survivors living an adjusted life in the ruins of the cities of the world where they destroy the zombies that stand in their path and…well, I guess just try to do the best they can. Kind of like Jack and Diane but with seemingly infinite armies of brain-obsessed undead.’

“Right. And how old are you?”


So, I was at work, being cool, and there was this horrible storm. It welled up around us and threatened to swallow us whole. Which roughly translates to “It was raining a bunch.” The lights momentarily flickered and I said to myself “Oh dear!” I asked my managers what would happen if the electricity went out. They had just finished explaining the correct procedure when…

The electricity went out.

And a great cry of “Good job, Dru. Good job.” went up. =D

…is a thing wot I wrote on September 25, 2009.



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