Build the Sky

I just searched that in my chrome browser. Some pretty pictures to be had. And some minecraft.

The Umeda Sky Building in Japan

So, dear blog-readers, I messed up. Really badly. I got mono or some other illness. Then I got really behind. Then I got really depressed. Now I am sitting in the unhappy position of being excruciatingly behind in all of my classes. Woefully so, in fact.

Upside? I am building a dresser. It’s a flat-pack thing, but apparently at Target that means hammers and wood glue and stuff :D It makes me feel nice. It’s nice to be less useless.

That’s sort of the thing about depression. You feel super useless which makes you act useless which make you actually useless which makes you feel even worse. You can see how it’s cyclical. And rather unfortunate.

I’ve gotten some things done, despite the nagging fatigue that keeps me insomnimaniacal lately. I got a little $40 sewing machine and I converted some old sheets into living room curtains. And some other old sheets into bedroom curtains. They’re quite nice :) I have Chinese characters that I can’t read and – actually, one of them is “harmony” i think. Harmony is supposed to be 和谐 but it’s just the 谐 part. I assume the rest are similarly cliché [ Update: I’ve been looking them up. 泰 is thailand or safe, peaceful, etc; the third one I can’t figure out, AT ALL. ] – and roses on my windows now. Much better than the stark nothingness that was hanging out before.

To come back to what I was saying: I messed up. I got ill, then I got behind, then I got depressed, then I got distracted, then I realized that I was about a month away from failing out of college. In my second semester.

On the upside, I built a gigantic pig out of wool in minecraft with a library in its derpy head.

Derp? Derp, derp.

So I was on the verge of panic. But then I looked down. Conveniently, I have a tattoo to prevent just such eventualities. I talked to my very dear friend, and part-time musketeer, Austin – not the crazy one that drank drano – and he suggested that I talk to my adviser. So I did. All three of them. And the resolution was a strategic retreat from my second semester, to reattack things in the summer. I am sad. I am nearly beaten. But I will, as my International Studies adviser advised when he saw my arm, not panic. I will beat this college beast. It will happen.

Tamriel? That has two moons, right?

Speaking of which: Chinese is hard. And I don’t suck so much at starcraft anymore – but I’m still crap.

Optimistically yours,


[ I hate it when my pictures take more space than my text. Poo. ]


11 thoughts on “Build the Sky

      • Really? You’ll have to show me one day, heheh :)

        I’ve been digging an underground forest recently, though I just got Ghast’d into lava in the Nether and ragequit XD

          • Yup, I’m always carrying a ton of stuff when it happens too :'(

            Plus I just had a horrible moment when my nether portal burped me out literally right above a chasm. Didn’t notice until I gleefully took a few steps into it o_0

            Yet to find a Nether Fortress, it takes too long…

            • Lol, I feel you. I haven’t found any of the things yet. I just found my first clay not too long ago. I made a brick house for my doggies ^_^ But I haven’t found a mineshaft or jungle or anything. I did find a swamp – that was cool. I made a pond in my house with lily pads from there.

              • I keep finding mine shafts, but I get horribly lost in them and proceed to get mauled by the poisonous spiders.

                Thinking about it, I think 90% of my Minecraft adventures end in tragic loss of my life, lol ^^

                Maybe I’ll show you my current uber-lair one day. It grows wheat for bread, has a well for fish and water, grows trees for wood and has a mine entrance to bedrock. Also a pumpkin farm for golems! I don’t actually have to leave anymore unless I fancy a walk on the surface, so I laugh in the face of Creepers ;)

                • :D That’s excellent. I have a plantation that includes all the animals except kittehs, it has two fields of wheat and a field of pumpkins, borders a forest and a snow forest, and has a newly completed lighthouse that’s made out of brick ^_^ I think I’ll do a tour of it just now actually. You’ve inspired me.

                  • Oh, breeding animals is my next big goal! The damn things are so hard to shepherd to my underground pens though. (Lol, that sound so cruel)…but I suppose I can knock down some walls to get around that problem.

                    Yours sounds very nice indeed. I’ve recently started experimenting with Golems, but the Snow ones seem pretty useless :s

                    • THE SNOW GOLEMS! Omg, I made some the other day. Then I scared the crap out of myself thinking that there was some new and evil monster outside my window.

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