The Art of Crafts

I like to make things. I like to make adorable cabanabunnies, and delicious nachos, and sort of odd-looking hats. One might say that I enjoy crafts. One might say this, particularly if one looks at my desktop where one will find Mine- and StarCraft II lined up beautifully for my clicking convenience.

During my little breakdown, I’ve been playing quite a lot of both. I suddenly got quite a bit better at SC2 one night when I won my very first game and then won my second, third, and fourth all in a cluster. Now I hang out around the top of bronze league in that awkward “I’m much better than your average bronze but DEFINITELY not Silver material” area. Usually I do something along the lines of win-win-win-win-win… LOSELOSELOSEZOMGWHYAMIAGAINSTTHE3RDRANKEDSILVERPLAYERTHATSPRACTICALLYGOLDT_T

Please note the separation of both me from the noobs and Brian from me.

[ For those of you not in the know, in SC2 there are a number of ranked “leagues” that players are sorted into according to skill. Bronze is the bottom. I am in bronze. See helpful info graphic for more details –> ]

So there, are some serious basics that I learned and that made me about six hundred times better – that is: enabled me to win games. I’m going to list those for you because I’m nice. And also because it’s 2am and I don’t remember what else I was going to say this blog.

NOTE: I play Terran. I’m crap at every other race. Soz.

1. Build more SCVs. When you’re starting out, I can guarantee that you need to do this. Build them!

2. Learn hotkeys – your play will increase DRAMATICALLY if you aren’t trying to click the “make an scv” button with yo’ mouse. They’re really easy and you’ll remember them quickly. USE THEM ALWAYS.

3. CONSTANTLY BUILD STUFF! You want to be creating SOMETHING pretty much all the time. Marines? Medivacs? Marauders? SCVs?? Make ALL the things.

4. Do NOT get supply blocked. This is what happens when you have too many units compared to supply depots. Depending on how many units you can build at one time, you should give yourself anywhere from 3 – 7ish space to build a supply depot. And you may need to build more than one at a time. Just make sure you don’t get supply blocked. And if you do, use that time to build new structures. Like another barracks. ( Your supply is gonna be in the top right side of the screen and it’ll say something like 11/19 or 147/190 or whatever. )

5. Find a build order. This one is great:

10 supply – Build Supply Depot
12 – build a barracks ( Rax )
13 – build a vespene gas refinery ( make sure you have 3 SCVs mining it for most efficient gathering )
15 – convert your Command Center into an orbital command.
15 ( lots to do this number! ) – make a marine, then build a tech lab on that rax ( it’s the “x” hotkey when you click the rax ), research stim ( it’s the “t” hotkey when you click the tech lab )
16 – Build a supply depot
19 – Build a second rax, put a reactor ( “c” ) on it. YAY MARINES!
22 – bulid a 3rd rax, put another tech lab, research concussive shells and combat shield


This build order is an early push build order and is a good way to open. You may need to adjust it depending on the game you’re playing.

Important notes: Against zerg, you need to “wall off” ( block off the ramp with a supply depot, rax and supply depot ) to keep the little buggies from flooding in and destroying everything.

Against protoss, you should make sure that probes ( their worker – the equivalent to SCVs ) don’t drop pylons in your base. Pylons are the floating crystals in the gold shell that let them warp in destruction and kill you. That sort of Pylon is called a proxy pylon. They’re bad to have in your base.

If you get worker rushed ( that is, if the person attacks you with all of his workers ), double click an SCV so that they’re all selected, click “a” or whatever your attack key is, then click on the map. Your SCVs will defend themselves and hopefully murder the workers attacking you. Make sure you keep building as many units as you can whether SCVs or hopefully marines.

The only tip I can offer Protoss: Use Chrono Boost. It’s “C” on your nexus.

The only tip I can offer Zerg: Umm…Queens make more larvae?

And there you go. :D A few helpful tips. Let me know how it goes, and if you want to play you know how to find me. ( Protip: I’m “evanafter” everywhere except OK Cupid. The “evanafter” on there is some asian chick from the north who is not evanafer anywhere else. )



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