I Changed The Theme

Hello again.

It’s funny how I always go on a posting rampage right after I get done archiving. Reading all my old posts reminds me of how much I love blogging. I think.

I’m pretty sure that Kaiko is going to be furious with me, but I’ve changed my theme. Why, you ask, would he care about my blog theme? Especially when he hardly ever reads my blog?

When we first met, he created a blog in an attempt to woo me. Instead of being wooed I was pretty freaked out and told him that he was a total crazy. He’s not, for the record, just a little over-zealous when he wants to sex a girl.

The thing that I never noticed – at least not in the first 6 months – was that he had exactly the same blog theme as me. I always read his blog on my phone and thus never noticed that Motion, the product of my laborious searching, also happened to be the theme that was randomly assigned to him when he set his blog up. It super creeped me out and I demanded that he change it. He never did and finally, in a fit of annoyance I logged into his account and changed his theme. He was understandably pissed ( even though I thought it was pretty funny. ) Now, just a few days later I’ve completely changed my theme. I think I probably should have copied his theme for that added dose of irritation.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a total pain to archive the posts from that theme because the background is static. TT-TT Oh well. you win some, you lose some. It was kind of nice strolling down memory lane and seeing all those beautiful themes we used to have.

Let me know what this theme – it’s called “Forever” and lends a nice, airy feel to the blog – looks like on your mobile device and/or tablet. I tried really hard to fully customize and beauty-ize it for your pleasure.

:D Love y’all xx

EDIT: Oh shit. Apparently this is a wedding theme. 不喜欢。


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