I sort of really didn’t want to do the “Day 1 – A picture of myself with ten facts.” I wanted to be more exciting. What’s more exciting than all caps?

My shirt is representative of Phrennie and is called ‘Lucky at Last’ May Fifth, 2012

So! I give you: DAY 1 – A picture of myself with ten facts! ( Exclamation marks are also exciting. )


1. I am the same weight and height as your average Charizard.

2. 我说中文。

3. I’m ambidextrous.

4. I can identify 3 species of cockroach on sight and can tell you why they’re in your house.

5. I knit and crochet. I make adorable Cabanabunnies which you can order from me here.

6. I have seven piercings and one tattoo. I’ve been pierced 9 times in total and I LOVE LOVE LOVE piercings. They’re so much fun.

7. I love video games. Particularly StarCraft II and Pac-Man.

8. I don’t have a car – I’ve put over 1500 miles on my bicycle in the last year and a half.

9. I have visited three continents and eight countries.

10. I grew up in England and still consider it my home ~<3


3 thoughts on “SELF PLUS+ TEN!

  1. Seven piercings and a tattoo? Okay, you seem like the person to persuade me that piercings have a purpose.
    I mean, I know this girl at the moment who got a jaw one done recently, but she seems oblivious that it decreases ease of snogging by introducing metal where lips should be. Are there any upsides? /totallybiasedagainstit :D

    • Ooh! I will I will!

      First of all, short of medically necessary procedures, it can be argued that no body mod – including breast augmentation and rhinoplasty – inherently has purpose. Generally, however, people seem to argue that tattoos and more creative body mod, think non-traditional piercings, sub-dermal anchors, and gauging, are artistic expressions that allow a person to more fully express their inner selves.

      For me, I enjoy the process of healing piercings more than even the piercings themselves. I love the endorphin rush when I get that hollow needle stabbed through whatever part of my body it’s getting stabbed through – compare this to people who lift weights and feel that accomplishment and pleasure in DOMS – and I love the meticulous process of cleaning three or four times a day and being able to noticeably track the healing as it becomes less and less sore as days go by.

      Once they’re healed, I like the look of piercings. Five of my seven piercings are in my ears. They have a very particular look. I dislike the “cluttered” look of having like fifteen hoops down the side of my ear, but I like having particularly placed rings or studs. I will probably only get one more ear piercing before I call it quits.

      The other piercings I have, as you know, are my nipples. These serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. I’ve talked about it before; I’ve always been super self-conscious of my small breasts. Very, very uncomfortable with them. Then I got them pierced. Now I don’t hate my boobs anymore. The $100 for piercing was FAR cheaper than breast augmentation and has drastically increased my confidence.

      I would argue that piercings, etc, serve the same purpose that tanning or fashionable clothes or dieting serve – they allow people to express themselves and become more comfortable with their appearance.

      As for tattoos: I actually largely think they’re silly and I didn’t enjoy healing mine at all. I’m glad I have it but I don’t think I will be getting many more in my life time and I will take the same approach in the future. Namely, decide on a design then wait 2-3 years to see if I still want it in exactly the same way and place that I thought I did.

      /novelcomment ;D

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