I’m continuing the tradition by making Day 2 also in capitals.

And so, I give you: DAY 2 – A picture of me and the person I’ve been closest with the longest! ( Exclamation marks are still exciting. )

I realize that my cat is not strictly speaking a “person” in the human sense of the word, but she has been the closest and most loved part of my life since 2007. I adore my kitty, and am constantly saddened by Sarang ( Cat 2’s ) behavior toward her. Sarang is a bully. But whatever because Phrennie has started sleeping with me again and I’m so happy. I love reaching over in the night and finding a soft fuzzy friend who is not evil and bitey.

Phrennie – oh, her name is short for Schizophrenia if you didn’t know – was there with me through all the hard times and all the great times and she is my constant companion. My green shirt from yesterday? Yeah, I bought it because it had a lucky black cat like Phrennie.

I will endeavor to use higher quality pictures from now on. ^_^

Edit: Oh yeah, I just got out of the shower. That’s why my hair is all dark and wet-looking. These pictures are LEGIT. DAY BY DAY, REAL ACTION. And stuff. :3

Please go watch my vlog now?


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