Today’s photo is supposed to be my favorite memory. I think that’s a bit difficult. Of course, most of my good memories are all rosy because of that whole “The past is golden” effect.

Water and a watermelon ring pop

All that being said, I’m going to pick THIS picture, which was taken shortly after I moved to the Asteroid. I was mid-DM-ing when this was taken, with my original DnD group playing Anola Oil, a funsies campaign that was largely based around food-stuffs.

Why would I pick this, you ask?

Because, when I first moved here, I was mostly completely independent. Or I was once I got my first bike ( which would be around the time this was taken. ) I had a small, but tightly knit, group of friends who, for better or worse, mostly hung on my every word ( I’m a narcissist and I know that. ) particularly where DnD was involved, and I was making things work on my own. I think part of the reason I remember that time so fondly is because it was preceded by such unpleasantness and because I’ve mostly blocked out the terrible that was involved then :D

What about you? What is one of your happiest memories and why?

( I’m sure I’ll get NO comments. I never do when I ask discussion questions, then I always feel very, very silly in retrospect :p )


5 thoughts on “GOLDEN YEARS!

  1. Oh my, this post reminded me how much I miss Blood Bowl. That was kind of “my DnD”. I just don’t have time for it now :(

    Anyway, one of my happiest memories? I remember having a really amazing barbecue with my extended family a while ago. I’m not sure how old I was, probably about 15 I guess. It was just such a relaxed evening, perfect weather, absolutely nothing else on my mind except having a really good time.

    You know when certain moments just stick with you really vividly? I remember that evening the sky was slightly yellow and cloudy as the sun was setting, but at the same time it was a pleasant temperature and the air smelled of pine sap :)

    (And I hope you don’t mind getting a comment from the one same person again, which I think is possibly the only thing worse than getting no comments ;) )

    • Do you know, I think I remember that BBQ.

      I have to say, I actually really miss hearing about your BB pursuits. I would argue that you were the first let’s play I ever really followed. And in response to all those times you thought I was insincere in my love of hearing about games – I point you to my year-long obsession with both The Miracle of Swindon Town and Minecraft Let’s Plays in general.

      I think it’s the fact that I can follow an organic and developing story rather than that I actually enjoy the virtual sports :D

  2. I know this is months later and this comment will probably be buried in obscurity never to be read…but will put it here anyhow….

    In 2006, I moved 100 miles away from, well, pretty much everything I knew at the time to take a job. It was the first time in my life I’d ever lived alone (not having parents or a roommate or anything). I won’t tell you how old I was, but let’s just say it’s embarrassing that I’d never lived alone before then.

    And in spite of moving into a horrible part of town (unknowingly) and living in an apartment complex that would, less than 2 months after I moved out, have 90% of its units busted in a HUGE meth raid, in spite of having neighbors who knocked at my door at 2AM pretty much nightly, I survived just fine there alone.

    Because, for the first time, success or failure was mine alone to determine. How clean my living space was….determined entirely by me. And as much guilt as was attached to all that transpired before and after, it was really the first time I ever got to know what it was like to be “me”.

    I very desperately miss that sometimes. And wonder if I will ever get to just be “me” again.

    • I understand exactly what you mean. It’s that feeling of complete self-reliance. The freedom. Even if one falls off a cliff, it’s okay because one is doing it oneself.

      I miss that feeling, too.

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