I don’t know what to do for this blog! I’m meant to show you a picture of something I hate, but the very first two things that spring to mind are cockroaches and zombies. I don’t want to do pictures of either one D:

Next on my list of despised things would be Orange Pulp, but that’s hardly an interesting picture. Even if I do stick it in instagram first. Other things I don’t like…I don’t know. I mean, I dislike plenty of things – Domino’s Pizza, pork, the inadequacies of American school systems, self-righteous A/Theists, June Bugs – but I don’t explicitly hate any of them unless they’re in my mouth.

I think I’ll go with Beef Jerky. Because that’s zombie food. So…despite this resembling a picture of meat snacks, it is actually a symbolic representation of zombs – which I just discovered autocorrects to “Sikhs” which is slightly upsetting.



2 thoughts on “ARGHHH!

  1. Beef steak nuggets?! I really need to go to America again :D

    (Also, I love jerky. Even the crap knockoff Brit version)

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