Day eight! Wooh! What have we learned so far? Dru sucks at blogging when she also has other obligations :D

Day 8 is “A picture that makes you laugh”

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to use. Then, conveniently, I stumbled across the scene below:


Basically, little grey car sat at the intersection a little overlong, then red truck honked, then grey car sat out of spite a bit longer, then the truck laid on the horn for literally at least a full minute, accelerating forward until it was about a foot behind the car, at which point the really skinny little girl who was driving threw the truck in park and launched herself out of the driver seat to tell the car’s driver that she would “fucking break off that pretty manicured little finger”

I was just like “Lolwhut?” before running away across the street. I was a little afraid I would get A) Murdered via Vehicular Manslaughter or B) Subpoenaed as a witness to assault with a big red truck :/

But it was hilarious. I don’t really know why. I guess the absurdity of the truck’s aggression just caught me off guard :p


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