It’s summer! I guess.

Today I came out to do laundry ( which I still hate ) and to go swimming while I wait for it to finish.


Beautiful when it’s empty, no?

It’s since finished washing, but I’m giving it a few minutes to relax before I switch it round. I’m meanwhile working on my tan.

I swam a few laps – literally like three – and got totally out of breath. But it feels good to actually do something again. Last summer I was so close to my body goals, and then I just let myself slip back so far :( It’s quite depressing.

And I was supposed to take this bold new stance and reform my diet and do lots of exercise, but I just haven’t because it’s hard.

I don’t like doing hard things :(

This summer is very different from last summer. My hair is almost the same length now, but it’s not purple. And I think I’m a lot less happier. Things were simpler and less frustrating last summer. There were these huge possibilities and there was this mysterious person on whom none of my hopes relied. And now…

Now I feel helpless.

I want to change that. But I’m so lazy.


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