Cobwebs and Smoke

In Looking for Alaska, John Green’s first novel, he focuses on the way that we mark time. There are “before” chapters and there are “after” chapters.

I just found a draft that I never got around to writing. It was called “Vampires and Drive-Thru Coffee.” I sort of remember starting it. I remember that it was going to be funny and thought provoking and all the things that I sometimes-strive for my posts to be.

But then the Asteroid burned. And now I find myself in the “AF” period. Everything is after the fire.

So where does that put me and my clever little themes? I mean, how are they Tales from the Asteroid when The Asteroid doesn’t even exist anymore?

I was advised not to blog about the fire until things had been resolved. I didn’t feel like talking about anything else and they are largely resolved now, so here I am.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my copy of Looking for Alaska. There is smoke on the inside of the cover as part of the design, but it lined up so nicely with where the spine burned.


So in the After Fire time…what do I do? I’m a Prince without an asteroid. I am lost.


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