I got my tongue pierced! This is the only piercing I’ve ever gotten on a whim. I had been thinking about doing it for a while but I’m a gigantic chicken. Also, Cake didn’t want me to. But mainly it was just being unsure.

When I was born my tongue was tied. It’s a birth defect that keeps you from being able to actually stick your tongue out all the way. Only two people in the entire world have kissed me both before and after it was cut. ( 1 and 2, if you’re curious. ) This tongue tie thing wasn’t actually that big of a deal. I couldn’t roll my rr’s or French kiss, but I still gave awesome head and I could use my uvula to make the rolling sound. The only reason I got it cut was the small hole through the membrane started to rip wider and it was super painful. Also, socialized medicine. Thank you, NHS. ♥

The really impactful thing about my tongue tie, though, was the fact that it made any tongue piercing completely impossible. There was membrane where the stud would go through.

But that operation was in 2007 and here we are in the great 2010s and I was really depressed and let’s face it – pain makes me feel better.

So I did it! Between shifts at work. It was the best piercing I’ve ever got because I got an ice lolly for free after ^^

It’s been about three weeks and it’s already healed. Definitely lived up to everything I’ve heard about tongue piercings.

So here I am before. I took a picture in the bathroom of the parlor right before I got it pierced.


And here is ten minutes ago in the Starbucks bathroom. I got a shorter bar about a week after the initial piercing because the long one that they have to use because of swelling was SO long that I kept accidentally chewing on it when eating :/


There were initially little white stars on the ball, and there still are on the ball on bottom but I play with the top one too much and they all chipped off :’


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