I am now the proud owner of TWO tattoos.

Of course you remember my “Don’t Panic” tattoo – if you don’t you should go look at it – but I went a little more subtle with my second.


It’s kind of difficult to take a good picture of it because of where on my thigh it is. Maybe when I get smaller :p

I do realize it looks almost exactly like the Naruto symbol, but it’s supposed to be a flame. I designed it myself after I couldn’t find any flame designs that I liked. I contemplated the Chinese character for “fire” but I’m going to wait on Chinese until I actually go to China.

I designed a water, earth, and air to go with this one and I’m planning to add them when I either A) survive a flood, earthquake, and tornado or B) go cliff diving, rock climbing, and skydiving respectively. Between you and me, I’m rather hoping for the latter set.

I had a lot easier time with this tattoo than my arm one. It hurt so much less. Probably because it’s a tiny fraction of the size.


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