Giving Thanks

It’s been a lousy couple of months. The apartment fire has become like unto an elephant that would be perfectly comfortable on my living room sofa, assuming it hadn’t been destroyed by, you know, the fire.

I’ve learned a bit about myself this past month. I now realize that I’m still terrified of feeling close to people anymore than superficially because I’m afraid something terrible will happen if I do. And I learned that fun is not something that can always just happen. Sometimes one must actively pursue it. Track it down, pay for it, then have it all night long. Not unlike a hooker.

I think I’m relearning how to do that. It’s okay to be assertive and it’s okay if I’m not sassy or bitchy or feisty like I used to be. It’s okay to be Dru and to just be satisfied with another consecutively completed day.

But yeah. I’m thankful for family. Especially the furry kind that NEVER hold still next to each other long enough for me to get a good picture of them together.

And especially the other kind that cans peaches with me, and spends eight hours playing arcade games with me and landing the 500+ ticket jackpot right before I win the 1000 ticket jackpot on the machine right next to him.


Turns out that sometimes family loves you even through all the crazy.

Thank you for being my friends and my family. I love you ♥


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