I’ve lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks and about 10 in the past month. That’s pretty exciting for me.

I was doing so well and I was feeling sexy with my body two summers ago, but then I got lazy and sick and sad and gained 30 lbs. Bummer~

I decided to work on it again and it’s been very on and off, but is apparently working at least a bit. Which is great because none of my clothes fit and it’s really fucking annoying.

I know I talk about it a lot – wanting to get both skinnier and in better shape – but I never really try. I was a lot happier that summer and maybe most of that was because I was actually releasing those endorphins and getting sunshine in me. Idk and idc.

I just wanna get fit! Well fucking fit.

Then let all the boys and girls drool.

Also: I’m mostly at peace with my boobs right now :) they’re actually pretty good, even if they’re tiny. <3


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