Let’s call this “All the things I’m scared of weekend~!™”

I’m scared of love. Or rather, strong feelings of affection and security. I don’t believe in “love” anymore. ( Yes. I know how pretentious and hipster that sounds. Especially with the quotes. )

I hate the idea of rejection. Even by people I find repulsive. I still want them to ADORE me.

Mostly though, right now, I’m scared of him. I have so much in my heart but I’m afraid that he will destroy me. I see no reason for him to want me. I see no reasons AT ALL other than my flat and my cat.

But here we still are. He won’t let me run away, and I don’t know what to do. I’m too scared of losing everything. It’s easier to get rid of it myself.

But…we look so happy together :(



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