So Far


So far, two of these margaritas is the most exciting thing that’s happened.

I mean, Brian won $560 on five dollars in a slot machine and I won $100 on $5 in a spinny-wheel game, but those margaritas were really great.

I got to see the lobby of the Bellagio and I went to Hard Rock. I talked to the guy who voiced Draven in LoL and played ShootMania Storm with some pros – I let them down, horribly. They were alright about it. I’ve seen dozens of adorable oppas who I dearly want to NOM – bulgogi is so delicious. And I discovered that I was assigned to this area because I speak French, but all the French teams speak enough English to make me completely unnecessary.

BUT: I’m in Vegas, which is awesome.

And I saw the Pyramid and the Palace and the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. And I had sex looking out over the strip. That was pretty cool.

I think tonight will be a “get smashed and have fun” sort of night. Cake goes home tomorrow and I don’t think I’m going to drink after he leaves. Just to be safe.

I’ll let you know how adventures go :)


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