Do You Know?

He was right. You do look a little sadder.

That’s not good.

I liked where we were. Ideally, we’d stay like that. But I am broken and cannot sustain emotionally uninvolved relationships.

In other news: I really hope that’s a seed – not mold.

I’m gonna eat it anyway, but I don’t want to worry.

You dumb fucking bitch.



You know the fucking great thing about humanity?

Eventually, you’ll be dead.

Me too, I guess, but it’s almost worth it.

Black and Yellow

When I was driving home yesterday, I turned the original version of this song on at about max volume and screamed along to the chorus in my hoarse voice.

Then I heard part of the verse:

I’m sipping [whut] and rocking yellow diamonds/So many rocks up in the watch I can’t tell what the time is

And my immediate thought, the very first time I understood those lines, was “Well, that’s rather impractical then, isn’t it. What’s the point of a watch you can’t tell the time on.”

I don’t even know what to do with myself, sometimes.

Also: I like remixes. Come at me, bro.