What Happens in Vegas, Stays on The Internet. Forever.


I roomed with a really cool girl named Jessica, pictured below being insanely classy with a brandy tumbler full of sprite, and we had a quality time at Hard Rock and around the few times we were together. She was altogether excellent. :)


Working at IPL was truly amazing. I discovered a new love – ShootMania Storm, sign up for the Beta and play with me – I had a ridiculous amount of fun hanging out with people who understand and laugh when I make jokes about going all in, and I got to enjoy some of the sights and flavors of Vegas. I crossed a couple of things off my bucket list, and I drank a freaking 50oz Jägerbomb slushy :D

And the sky looked like this when I was flying home:


It was a great trip filled with excellent people and super fun games. I even got to watch some StarCraft II after my shifts.

And omg the cafeteria had the most delicious coconut bar things. They were simply magnificent. I’ll see if I can find a recipe :D


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