I Went Out Dancing and All I Got Was This Gnarly Bruise

And the preamble to an aviator and an oppa and a reckless good time.

And a double vodka and cranberry when I was actually ordering JUST cranberry juice. Idk, I guess the bartender thought I looked too sober.

Now, a mere six hours later, I’m at work because a lonely little wolf got a flat tire somewhere between 4am and her shift later that morning. And my gosh am I pissed. I work until 2am tonight and I still got up at ten and dragged my sorry self into work. Boo.

But it was really fun. The Aviator is lovely and sweet and I’m a little scared I will screw it up and she’ll run away screaming. And I gave her a star which seems really silly now but seemed like a supremely wonderful idea yesterday. Gorram I’m corny :s

I felt so awkward last night. I feel that I am in no way cool enough to be at The Public House. It’s weird and full of beautiful people who make me feel so underdressed in my chucks that I can’t even stand straight.

And dancing with a conversation partner was interesting. So was kissing him. I wish it had been a little better though. I would have preferred more of his lips and less of hers. Though she’s lovely. She tastes of excitement and poor life choices. And they totally fist-bumped around us while we were making out between them. That was cool.

I think it’s safe to say that I prefer the pubs to the bars. And that last night was a bit of a morality tale.


Lesson Learned: When it comes to “boop boop!”ing, just say 🙅

Addendum: It’s really weird for me when someone apologizes for being so “wild” and I think “Wild? Last night was really tame…”


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