Dude. I’m so horny. This is kinda ridiculous.

I like the days when I got laid every day. Those were good times. Seriously.

Now I’m looking at once or twice a week, tops. That’s dumb and I hate it.


Oh, before I forget

I didn’t die.

I, like, tried or whatever, but it didn’t happen. Nbd

Pictures of You

That’s a song, right?

So if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this. If you don’t – then you should. I’m @evanafter. Please to follow me? :)


I really, really love this picture. I think it shows how very alone one can be, even when someone is sleeping next to them.

Holding on to someone is just another way to get high. Just like weed and drink and heroin.

I’ll stick with my cats, thanks.