Regrets2013 says:

Broke up with my fiancee despite being deeply in love with her, the way I did it pretty much zeroed any chance of reconciling.

Together for 3 years, both of us from different countries, after a long time I decided to move to hers, learning a new language and hopefully find a job, all my saving went into getting an apartment together and buy furniture, waiting for her to get a job as well while I was taking language classes.

Because of the visa situation it made sense to get married now (December 2012) ,we already discussed marriage 2 years ago, this was the last chance we had to be together, all paperworks were ready.

We didn’t have much money, a lot of stress, and many other little things all falling on me, I got scared and chickened out, my tourist visa was gonna expire soon and my return ticket, that at the beginning I didn’t plan to use since by that time we would be married, was a week away.

I created a situation that would sprout into an stupid argument just to give me a reason to end it, it worked and I left to fly back home, obviously she didn’t expect that at all.

Has been a bit over a month without contact, she never tried to get in touch with me.

This is the biggest fuck up of my life, now I’m here almost 40, without a job, without the woman I still love, back home with my elderly mother.

All I wanted was to start a family.

See? They aren’t all happy break ups… Or unhappy because they stayed together. Sometimes they’re unhappy that they split up.


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