Firsts and Lasts

Guys! It’s a new year!

Hurray!!! Last year SUCKED.

My apartment burned down, Brian and I almost split up like 18 times, and I flunked out of college just to highlight some of the milder evils.

I guess it was pretty okay, too, though. I started at Papa John’s again, got a car, and got some new tattoos/piercings. Went to Vegas. Had fun. Got bitches ( My gosh did I get bitches :D )

I hope this year rocks for both of us. Remember that I love you, and I miss you, and if you’re ever in town, I’ll show you around and get you the hookup with both pizza and wings.

Please enjoy the last picture of my from 2012 and the first from 2013. I particularly like how Phrennie is looking at me with a “Mam. Stahp.” face ^_^



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